Services and Rates

I offer 30 minute ($40) 45 minute($65) 60 minute($80)  and 90 minute($120) spa sessions.  I get stellar results when we work as a team.  You need to know your therapeutic goals when you schedule a massage. Be pleased you've invested in your wellness. 

 I want to be your therapist.  I believe in quality work on therapy goals  within my scope of practice.  I love working in  Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Elder or geriatric massage is a great lymphatic enhancement. It provides touch therapy that is as important to the adult as it is to the newborn.  If I go out to nursing homes I charge for the time away from the clinic.  The minimum time charged is 1 1/2 hours.  There is a mileage charge for trips over 5 miles from the clinic.   You must provide documentation that the nursing facility will allow private therapy in their setting.  I enjoy working with other health care professionals as a team for the benefit of each individual and patient.   I help people live the last part of their lives with palliative care centered touch.

In the clinic I have an electric table that quietly adjust to the height that is most comfortable for the patient.  It also has three removable portions so that I can position clients with scoliosis and many other spinal difficulties.  The table has a water bladder that allows comfort for those with scars from sternal surgeries, or mastectomies. 

Mom and baby will enjoy pregnancy massage in comfort.  Baby often falls asleep for hours after Mom has been in for a session.  Any swelling in the ankles can be addressed with manual lymphatic drainage.  Doctors often recommend massage as a great stress reliever  for Dad, Mom and Grandmom or Granddad.

And who doesn't love hot rock massage?  But have you tried cold stone therapy? or vibrational therapy for improving bone density?  There are so many ways to feel good and pamper the body as it grows healthy and vibrant.  Massage therapist have many modalities that enhance wellness.  My goal always has been to learn as many of them a possible. 

 We have years of working together ahead of us.