Massage Etiquette

Massage therapy is a partnership-----a relationship that feels personal.   We are together in this venture, there’s a natural energy exchange that requires professionalism and respect by both parties.  What should you expect from your massage therapist and what is expected of you?   Here are a few answers.

What If One of Us is Late?

For you and your therapist, rules of common courtesy apply. The appointment should start, and end, on time.  Arrive for your session a few minutes early, especially if you prefer to sit and listen to the water fountain, watch the birds or squirrels on the feeders, relax beneath the double fans outside, or just get off tired feet  after a busy schedule....If a traffic snare causes you to arrive late expect the session to still end at the appointed time.  Other clients are likely scheduled after you.  If you must cancel an appointment, call 24 hours in advance.  Other clients can be scheduled in that time slot if you are unable to keep your appointment.

Expect me, your therapist, to be on time.  I try to allow time between clients so that I can clean the room and review your chart.  Check with me whenever you have questions.  Tell me when something changes in your life that might affect the goals for our session.  If I am late I will make up the time in our next  session.  If I am unable to keep our appointment and I fail to notify you in a timely manner then I will give you a free session.  It's only fair.  I asked you to pay for the scheduled time, you should expect the same from me.

Should We Talk During the Massage?

It helps if client and therapist interact at the beginning of the massage session.  Goals are achieved through good clear communication.  Freely voice your needs–on room temperature or the pressure exerted on a tender shoulder.  Then breathe.  Massage will help clear the cobwebs in your head.  You will be able to stop circular thinking and enjoy the peace of massage as you relax.  If I, your therapist, am performing deep tissue work on a tight muscle, inhale deeply and exhale an audible sigh.  Stay in the moment.  Stillness multiplies the restorative benefits of massage.  If your therapist talks too much ask for the massage to be a time of quite meditation. Please feel free to be direct.  I take direction very well.  Always state your goals for the session.  That helps me to achieve the best result.  I am part of your health care team.  I want to be your massage therapist for as long as you want to receive massage.

How Can I Compliment My Therapist?

Fall asleep during massage, refer friends, or mention that the session passed too quickly. Returning regularly for massage is the best compliment any therapist can receive.  I personally don't expect gratuities.  I consider myself part of the medical field.  Fill out the Client Feedback Form.  I've been working so long I really want to know when I can improve something I'm doing.I’m grateful that you are getting the bodywork done. It’s rewarding when a client leaves the massage saying, "When is your next open appointment"